Thursday, February 22, 2007


This article from Computer World showcases the dark side of being able to work equally well from the Real Office or the home office: working all the time! The world is growing smaller, and top managers are managing teams with members from all around the globe, taking the work day into new and exciting time zones.

On the one hand, it's encouraging that teams are interacting in real time from wherever they are. But I have to think that when your workday lasts 18 hours that's not a Good Thing.

Maybe I'm shiftless, but that is just too much.

I think that these kinds of management groupings might should to embrace asynchronous collaboration strategies. Tools like Twiki or any of the zillions of collaboration tools profiled on Web Worker Daily could help to wean time zone-challenged work groups off late night phone calls and what not.

Teams can work together even if they're almost never awake at the same time.

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