Thursday, February 1, 2007

Remote (non) Work Tools

While this is not strictly useful for my day-to-day work, it is intriguing in terms of what it means for creative work. Wired is reporting on eJamming Audiio service that was previewed at DEMO '07. This seems really cool: it uses P2P to allow for live playing with remote players without delay or lag. I have no idea how it could possibly work, based on my experience with latency in even the slickest videoconferencing software, but hey.

This would solve one of the big problems that I've experienced with being so far away from my co-workers: the challenges of putting together a goofy band for the annual senior staff retreat. My partner in musical crime did just leave our division, but there are many other musicians who are game for a goofy band experience for the annual "retreat" (read "sitting in conference rooms all day yakking about strategery, and then repairing to a local pub for some drinks").

Perhaps eJamming will allow us to eJam from afar, and thus sustain the fine tradition of career-ending performances at the retreat.

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