Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm All Business, Baby

Today is very unusual: we're having a snow day here in the beautiful 'Burque, and the Real Office is closed too because of inclement weather. This is a rare instance of weather synchronicity indeed.

Tons of East Coast workers are telecommuting today and being productive (or blogging) -- at least those lucky ones whose employers have made an investment in remote access technologies. How fortunate for them. But it's not just weather that can make remote work valuable to a company, and Business Week has a whole set of features talking about the benefits some major employers have seen in ramping up their remote work programs.

I am also partial to the feature about towns working to attract remote workers. I know Albuquerque is positioning itself as a mecca for knowledge workers seeking refuge from outrageous real estate prices on the coast, and other towns it seems are doing the same thing. What a good idea.

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