Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Across the Pond

Imagine a telecommuting publication that has been around in paper form and online since 1993, and it's not published by a Silicon Valley dot.bomb wanker. It's Flexibility, published by a non-profit entity that seems to be comprised of a few consultant companies and office space designers. When I first found this site, I thought it might be one of the many cobwebsites that I've discovered where someone went whole-hog for a bit and then it died in May 2002 and hasn't been touched since.

But no!

There's a seminar on managing remote teams today! There's a conference about running small nimble offices using remote work technologies in March! (Now I just need to figure out how I can wrangle a trip to London out of these guys to speak at a remote management seminar. Just kidding. Mostly.) Some of the content is old and some of it is promoting tools and software developed by the supporting companies, but it's still relevant and interesting to people who are researching their options. For example, this article details the demographics of who is telecommuting in the UK. Even though it's from 2002, it's got some interesting insights about trends.

In case you're interested.

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