Friday, February 9, 2007

Telework Training

I know I keep going on about the federal government's encouragement of telework, but I just can't get over how they promote remote work. I really shouldn't be so surprised, given the truly awful traffic around the D.C. metro area where the greatest concentration of federal workers do their commuting. It just has to be more efficient to have people working after a one-minute walk to their home office, or even after a fifteen minute drive to one of the telework sites that are scattered around the D.C. area.

In any event, that progressive and efficiency-conscious employer has a very nice set of
online training classes for prospective teleworkers and managers. I particularly like the one about pandemic preparations, which notes:

The key to successful use of telework in the event of a pandemic is a
robust routine telework program.

So all of us sitting around in our slippers are actually a vital part of our nation's pandemic preparedness. Fab!


Andrew said...

I completely agree with your point regarding business continuity planning, I think a proven teleworking strategy could be the difference between an organization surviving during a pandemic crisis.

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Stella Commute said...

Thanks for your comment, Andrew. I do business continuity and disaster recovery planning for my office, too, and we discovered that when we didn't have access to the building, finding alternate locations for folks was tough. I think if we had a similar situation today we'd be in much better shape because of our experiments in telework. We now can keep almost all of our servers running/administered from afar, and we've identified assets that would have to be dealt with if people couldn't come together in the Real Office.