Thursday, February 22, 2007

See, this is what I'm talking about

I've been thinking more about the grand corporate telecommuting program myth v. reality conundrum, and I found this little gem, a study done by researchers at the Carey School at ASU. They studied big four accountancy firms, and found a distinct disconnect between the publicized flexible work arrangements and the reality of how they were perceived and practiced.

According to the scholars, their findings underscore the need for members
of the U.S. public-accounting profession to pursue fundamental cultural change.
The rhetoric of work-life balance must match up with a new reality, the
researchers write. It's time for "[alternative work arrangements] to be
viewed as an acceptable career path for men and women seeking more balance
between their work and non-work lives."

The article also points out how important work-life balance is, particularly for younger workers. It seems like companies need to figure out how to both talk the talk and walk the walk of telecommuting and flexiblity in working arrangements to really make things happen.

Or maybe that younger generation just has to work its way up to being in charge of stuff so they can make the rules and send everybody offsite!

(Thanks to for the tip to the study.)

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