Friday, March 30, 2007

Something to Look Forward To

For the more mobile remote workers, this report from Business 2.0 about a product called Powercast really seems like a potentially Big Thing. This company has technology that will recharge a device -- cell phone, Palm-Berry, headset, or other hand-held thingy -- through the air. No more having to remember to plug in that cell phone. It would start charging itself automatically when you get within range of its power unit happily plugged into the wall and beaming power through the air.

The Irrational Fear of Things I Can't See side of me (you know, the part of me that is certain that the furnace is just waiting to blow) thinks, "Will having juice flowing through the air cause cancer or more static cling or whatever?"

But the Gee Whiz Isn't Science Great side of me thinks, "Gee whiz, isn't science great?!?"

So get ready to chuck your phone and buy yet another version that is Powercast-enabled. This is one upgrade that may, in fact, be worth it.

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