Saturday, March 24, 2007

How Many of You Are Worried

...about the pending Vonage injunction, and the possibility that Verizon's lawsuit may ultimately be successful? Like many remote workers who work really far away from their Real Offices, I rely on Vonage to supply a local phone number for my Maryland-based customers. Naturally Vonage is full of assurances that not only will the injunction never go into effect, because they are going to file an appeal, and anyway they have lots of evidence that shows not only did they not infringe Verizon's patents, but in fact Verizon tried to reverse engineer their technology back in 2003.

WhatEVer. I must confess that I'm a little concerned. As it is, Vonage drops every third call for me, and at least a third of the time I can't quite get my voice mail just as I would expect. It seems like the distractions of the lawsuit, scrambling to put other technology in place in case the injuction does take effect.

I'd be distracted. I'm a little distracted, and I'm just one little end user. Sheesh.

Maybe I need to get a cell phone.

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