Friday, March 2, 2007

Location, Location, Location (Location)

In a first (for me anyway) I had to synchronize an operation that took place in four timezones. I feel...well, not exactly global, but darn nearly Continental. The developer is on WST, I'm in MST, the vendor representative is in CST, and the server and main end-user is located in EST. We all made changes in the same fifteen minute time period, and it all went smoothly.

Real-time communication, once again, carries the day. I'm able to be online with the developer and on the phone with the vendor representative to make sure that we're all ready to push our respective buttons at the same time. And remote server management tools let me see exactly what is happening on the server where the app is deployed.
It is actually easier to do it this way, because I'm at my desk and able to see everyone at once. If I were in the Real Office without access to remote server management tools, I'd have to be in the server room, not at my phone number, and rather cut off from the outside world. Our investment in server access tools allows everyone, not just the shut-ins ... I mean full-time telecommuters ... to more efficiently work on server issues whilst staying in touch with the technical service reps from our various vendors.
How efficient.

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