Sunday, March 18, 2007

Annoying Co-Worker

Say what you will about awful coworkers, overpowerful cubicle neighbors, or bad bosses lurking over your shoulder. At least they don't stand outside your window between the hours of six and ten in the morning barking every five seconds.

My new co-worker is a really nice shepherd-border collie mix, who, despite his billing as an "indoor-outdoor dog", is actually quite nonplussed about being left outdoors for hours at a time while our neighbors are at work. I'm still hopeful that he'll grow more sanguine about this over time; they've only had him for about a week, so there is a chance that he'll become secure in his position as dog and master of his domain. And failing that, I'm soon moving to my new office across the patio -- and a house away from his little dog run.

I have a problem with the whole thing (burgeoning insanity from the barking aside): I can't quite get used to the idea that beloved family members (e.g. pets) are treated kind of like farm animals, even here in our suburban Albuquerque neighborhood. Our neighbors across the street never ever let their dogs into their house -- although they've given over about half of their yard to the dog run and have created a lovely little habitat for them. They value them as guard dogs and abstract companions, but not as friends.

I grew up in farm country, as I've noted in the past, and many of the cats and dogs I have known over my life have been farm implements -- there to help herd, get rid of vermin, guard, and so on.

But seriously. We're in the 'burbs, here. Give your dog a kiss. Let her sleep in bed with your kid. Tell her she's a good friend to you. Rest your feet on her while you blog. You'll enjoy your life more.

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