Thursday, March 29, 2007

May I Complain?

Just a little bit. I try really hard to remain relentlessly positive, because honestly, how bad can a day where I can wander out into my backyard at a moment's notice and throw the ball for my dog really be? Not that bad. Except when...

...the VIDEOCONFERENCING INTO MY GOSH DARN CONFERENCE ROOM STOPS WORKING RIGHT. Sorry to yell, but I'm getting mighty tired of listening into meetings on the phone. Nobody will 'fess up to changing anything. The firewall guys say they haven't made any changes. All the people in the Real Office claim to be too scared of the conference room unit to touch it (it does have a rather Terminator-esque affect when it fires itself up in response to my call, swivels its electronic eye frontwards, and scans the room ominously searching for people to meet with). I know I haven't changed anything on my desktop rig.

And yet it won't work. I really think it's got to be the firewall, because almost every new connection problem I've had with any of my other videoconferencing partners-in-crime has been resolved by a call to the firewall fellas.

I'm staying calm. And petting the dog. She's a very good dog.

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