Friday, March 23, 2007

A Red Letter Day

Stella Commute's alter ego has a published piece on Web Worker Daily. I've carefully balanced the risk of revealing my secret identity against my egomaniacal tendencies, and determined that:

a) Anyone who knows who I am will instantly recoginize me in my StellaCommute postings.

b) I'm always careful about not getting too specific about my real job and whatnot.

c) I'm stoked about being a real blogger.

So enjoy! And look for more postings from me on WWD in the coming weeks.


Anne Z. said...

You were a real blogger before for sure, that's why we wanted you to write for WWD!

Congrats on your first post--you got linked by Lifehacker. :)

Stella Commute said...

Hi, Anne. Thank you for the opportunity to reach a broader audience...I can't tell you how fun I find this whole experience.

Linked by LifeHacker, eh? That IS exciting!