Friday, April 20, 2007

Spring Wardrobe

Many people take the change in seasons as a cue to add some new items to their wardrobes, and shut-ins are no exception. With the warm weather, I tend to wander around the yard to look at the turtle in his new outdoor compound, to look at the roses, to feed the fish, or just to stand somewhere outside and breathe fresh air.

This activity has taken a toll on my winter slippers, which are more of a traditional slipper -- in other words slightly fuzzy. Napped fabric plus "enchantment" (e.g. dust and small rocks) has equalled a vague shabbiness that doesn't seem appropriate for the office.

So yesterday at the insistence of my mother-in-law I treated myself to a lovely pair of Crocs. I think that even the Go Fug Yourself girls would agree that these are not fugly per se. Although they might reject them just on principle. Thank god I'm not famous or I would really be looking over my shoulder for the paparazzi.
Yes, paparazzi in my home office in the back yard. I might be delusional.


Leslie said...

Those are Crocs? They look quite nice actually.

Stella Commute said...

Hi, Leslie. Thanks for reading (and writing). They are indeed Crocs -- a new model called "Cleo". So far, they are mind-bogglingly comfortable.