Monday, April 30, 2007

Never a better day to telecommute

To all the people who have to get to work today in the Oakland-SF area, my deepest condolences. The traffic situation looks like it's going to be an absolute nightmare and it won't be fixed for "weeks or months" according to the nice people at CNN. Companies with strong telecommuting programs will feel less of an impact from this highway collapse, but it's going to hurt everyone who has to make their way around the bay area big time.

But here's the thing: companies in the SF area should have some serious disaster recovery/business continuity plans in place already. We all know what's going to happen there someday (in fact, in college I saw an hysterical geology documentary about SF titled The City that Waits to Die -- I wish I was joking) and even non-catastrophic earthquakes will cause widespread transit disruption.

Every company who will want to make money or otherwise operate during a post-earthquake time period should have a way for their employees to do their work from where ever they may be.

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