Friday, April 13, 2007

Looking for somewhere to meet?

You're in luck if you are in California. Regus is working its little partnership with the nice people at Cisco to make available hundreds of virtual meeting rooms that you may rent by the hour. There is a metric ton of them in the Golden State, and truly there are lots all over the world. It seems like a good thing for

a) Small companies or sole proprietors who wish to host virtual meetings with tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, while not actually buying tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

b) Big companies that wish to conduct multi-city interviews, training sessions, presentations or other meetingery, with every site having a consistent high-quality experience.

c) People who really like to see their far-flung colleagues and are willing to spend three c-notes an hour to do it.

In any event, it looks pretty cool.

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