Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Building Roads and Telecommuting Opportunities

In Minnesota, a comprehensive regional highway plan is incorporating the encouragement of telecommuting in the overall strategy. According to a piece in the enigmatically named Thisweek Newspapers, the state department of transportation is submitting a proposal developed in partnership with the University of Minnesota and others, that offers as part of the overall transportation vision:

...the “Four T’s:” Tolls, transit, telecommuting and technology.

Promoted by USDOT as “bold” and “comprehensive,” the initiative is a paradigm shift from maximizing the number of vehicles moving on the roads to maximizing the number of people getting around, said Dakota County Transportation Director Mark Krebsbach.

“The [Four T’s] are all intended to reduce the number of cars on the road and work toward shifting people toward transit,” he said.

To which I say, "Here, here."

As in, "Right here in my home office, man!"

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