Monday, August 4, 2008

Trees Also Contribute to Global Warming

This article from Forbes is mind-bogglingly dumb, and also woefully lacking in those pesky little things...what are they again...uh...facts. I like that the one stat is "Commuting only accounts for 20% of weekly driving." So, wouldn't eliminating 20% of your weekly driving reduce your driving-based impact on the environment by like, 20%? The study the author cited is of a single company's telecommuting program in the 1990s.


I think that one could make a case for measuring the total impact that a telecommuter's worklife has on the environment -- I recognize that even though I fill up my gas tank less than once a month I am probably undoing all that good by jetting about the country to take my show on-site every four to six weeks. But the folks who are driving to the Real Office every day also jet off to conferences on a regular basis and do other kinds of business related travel, so it might be a wash. I don't know.

But I do know better than to put my perception that I'm doing better by the environment forward as a fact.

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