Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Conference Full of Telecommuters

I'm at a user conference for an online community product that we use, and I am thrilled to report that a large number of their employees telecommute from home offices. I've met a number of their tech staff, customer relations managers and so on and they all work from home offices. This makes a huge amount of sense because:

Virtually none of their customers are actually located in physical proximity to any of their central Real Offices. So if you're doing all your customer management by phone and online meeting tools, you can do that from wherever, not necessarily by slogging to a cube somewhere.

They're a technology company -- the product is all about being online, so why not the employees?

They are secure (they tell me). In fact all the employees were complaining about how restrictive their on-network activity is.

All of which is great! Rock on!


Kelly said...

That is great and encouraging news!

Stella Commute said...

Thanks for reading, Kelly. It was pretty funny because usually I go to conferences and people freak out when I tell them I work for one place and live 2,000 miles away. All the staff reps at this conference were completely nonplussed by the arrangement. So novel.