Thursday, August 21, 2008

Online Customer Service Experience

It is so rare that you have a good customer service experience, particularly in the era of hosted services where everything is in the cloud somewhere. But Stella feels compelled to tell you about a great experience I just had with GoToMeeting and the nice folks at Citrix.

Last month, I had a scheduled training session using GoToMeeting. There were a number of people signed up, I was rolling out a new service and I really wanted to make a good impression. People were able to connect to my meeting online, but the phone bridge was unavailable. Dead. Busy signal. So we had to cancel the training.

Worse yet, for many of the folks in the session this was their first chance to interact with me virtually and it came off as flaky and unworkable.

I called GoToMeeting customer support and discovered that they knew about the switch problem, but hadn't notified people who had meetings scheduled. To which I replied, "Seriously? You couldn't send an email? You couldn't put a notice about network availability in my GoToMeeting login area? Really?" I was a little flabbergasted, and so I sent them a feedback email to express my incredulity.

Yesterday, I got a nice, written by a person (or a very eloquent robot) email response apologizing for the outage and the poor notification, noting that they're looking at ways to prevent the problem and let users know about problems sooner, and they credited my whole month's subscription fee.

Here I was thinking about switching over to Microsoft's MeetMeNow. No way. I'm sticking with GoToMeeting!

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