Friday, August 8, 2008

My New Coworker

The little girl had a birthday, and we rashly decided that books, clothing, and toys weren't quite enough and that what we really needed was another animal to pee on the floor.
Welcome new boy-cat. He is tentatively named Nombre (yes, there is a movement afoot to name the cat "Name"). It's kind of funny though, in a lolcats way...NOMbre...get it? And it's kind of like Hombre (which he is).

Yah, okay.

I'm pleased to report that he's an excellent purrer, typist, and hisser-at-dogs.


Laurie said...

Hello, handsome!

Stella Commute said...

Thanks for admiring him! I'm afraid I've been creating a hostile workplace with unwanted cuddling of the new guy. I made a little nest with one of my ubiquitous cardigans, and he curled up and purred for several hours. Delightful!