Monday, August 11, 2008

Legal Issues and Working At Home

Yes, Stella is by and large a "use common sense and it will all come out in the wash" kinda gal when it comes to the gory technical details of the Fair Labor Standards Act and Workers Compensation and all. This stems largely from my absolute naivete on these issues, frankly.

It seems like many telecommuting programs also tend to have a don't ask-don't tell policy in this area.

I've written before about cases where terrible things happen to people who work at home and the hazy area that can arise because the home office is somewhere between work and not-work. And really I don't have any more answers, except to say that it's something that people should be aware of, and consider addressing in their telecommuting policy documents. This article from the Free Lance-Star (a hysterical name for a paper with an article about telecommuting, if you ask me) raises the same issues.


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