Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update on the MagicJack

Okay, I know I was initially pretty enthused about it, but I ended up sending it back. They have a very efficient return system -- we'll see if my credit card gets charged. Over time, it just didn't seem like enough of an improvement over other VoIP stuff I was already using (SkypeIn, for example), and I didn't want to have Yet Another Number for people to wonder if it was too early* to call me on.

The MagicJack has a lot of potential for people who want a VoIP solution that is about as good as Vonage, quality wise, and seems less like the real phone company. One complaint: during installation, it manhandled my drive names and assigned itself to a drive letter that was already in use and it didn't even ask me about this. Not a big deal for people who understand that sort of thing, but I can imagine people freaking out when their beloved "M drive" or whatever disappeared and they could no longer find stuff they'd stored on the network.

*For the record, it's never too early for people on the East Coast to call me -- I wake up at an ungodly hour and I'm working when you're working. And also for the record, anyone on Mountain time who wants to call me after 9:30 at night: fuck you. That's not going to happen.

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