Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm Getting a Blogging MuuMuu!

Okay, maybe not, but I was snorting quietly in my slippers when I read this post on Jezebel. I, too, rock the business costume when I go to the Real Office. Actually, the new Real Office is a little confusing in this matter, because the men have a code of "no ties except when in the presence of a member of the Board of Trustees, the President, or someone who's given kind of a lot of money." Well, that's clear. But what does this mean for the ladies, pray tell?

Well, for me it means that I pack a suitcase with a suit, a black skirt and assorted tops and/or blouses, and I wear heels. Maybe it's the anxiety of the shut-in, but I try to make an extra effort to be presentable when I'm on-site, just to prove to everyone that I am a real person and not secretly living life as Jabba the Hut.

In a muu muu.


Laurie said...

I love the muu muu. Post pictures! :)

Stella Commute said...

Hey, Laurie, thanks for reading! I want a muu muu, but I can't quite bring myself to let myself go to this level. Yet.

A family story: my Aunt Ruth was enormously and outrageously pear-shaped in her day, and she wardrobed in muu muus exclusively when she retired -- they really brought out her gorgeous figure. When she passed away, we got some of her muu muus, but on my more busty physique they didn't seem quite as flattering.

Bring on the yoga pants...the blogger's answer to the muu muu. It gives the illusion that you will be (or shall have been) kicking it at the gym, but there's plenty of room for blogger's belly.