Thursday, July 31, 2008

3 Tips to Keep Yourself Busy When Traveling

This week, Stella is ensconced in the Real Office, which is to say that she is racing from meeting to meeting and running behind almost from the start of every day. I have newfound sympathy for doctors who have to see patients back to back -- it's impossible to stay on track with a schedule like this. But I digress.

Like anyone who travels for business, my days are full, but my evenings have been relatively free and peaceful. And while enjoying quiet time in my hotel room is a nice respite after a slew of yak sessions, it is also nice to do something other than consume wall to wall reruns of Law and Order: Advertising Delivery Unit. I recommend:

1. See a movie: Some people think seeing a movie by yourself is depressing, but I actually really enjoy this. I can see a movie on the spur of the moment without getting a babysitter lined up, and that's quite nice. By the way, The Dark Knight is spectacular. I'm really glad to have seen it on the big screen, although I found the fact that 90% of the previews were for other movies based on graphic novels or comics kind of strange.

2. Go shopping: Save space in your luggage and leave yourself one outfit short for your trip. Then you can go shopping for a little bit and you'll actually have a valid reason to pick something up (other than abject boredom).

3. Get outside: If there is a nearby hiking trail or other natural wonder, take some time on a summer evening and go wander around. Even if you're just looking at trees and flowers that you could see anywhere, you'll get a little fresh air and feel invigorated. Or allergic.

Of course, you can also just go to the bar for happy hour with the other people who go to the bar, and that's cool too. But I encourage you to stretch yourself and try something different to keep yourself occupied.

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