Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Company Comes Into The Telecommuting Light

Or is it the dark side? Whatever, it hardly matters. Bank of America is rolling out a big expansion of its telecommuting program, according to this article on the MSNBC. Technically speaking it has been available to all employees everywhere, but like many telecommuting programs it hasn't enjoyed widespread publicity. Too often, there is a don't ask, don't tell aura around telecommuting arrangements that really gets in the way of their promulgation.

Now Bank of America is getting some PR bang for their modest investment in telecommuting programs (okay, there's a little risk, too, but seriously it's not that bad). They're going to get a bunch of drivers off the road in Atlanta (a hellish commuting town, I've heard) and they don't really need to do that much differently.

Wasn't that easy? Too bad it took an energy crisis for them to get around to aggressively promote their nice policy.

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