Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stella Loves to Win

I am not competitive about some things: I cheerfully finish in the bottom third of any athletic endeavor in which I participate, I'm not worried about who makes more money than I. But I'm finding myself feeling ruthlessly aggressive about Geeks Who Drink, which our team Backwards Compatible totally rocked this week. You have to scroll down to see us.

Our score: it was high.

Alas, next week we will not be there because my band is playing instead. Normally I would only miss Geeks Who Drink if I was in another state, but the music is important to me too, and this was the gig we got. I expect all the team members to be at my gig, too. We're trying to pack the place with relatives and in-laws (e.g. the kind of people with whom I play Geeks Who Drink).

But the week after this? Look out geeks...we're comin' to git ya.

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