Friday, April 18, 2008

Telecommuting to the Rescue

It's no secret that gas prices are a killer these days. I feel a little like George H.W. Bush looking at scanners in the grocery store every time I go to the gas station. "You mean it costs $3.50 a gallon now? Gosh, that seems like a lot!"

From the SF Chronicle, this article includes a big section on how SF area drivers are putting a tele- in front of their commutes as one way of dealing with the rise in gas prices. I think this is a good strategy. If you have a long commute, the price of gas is most certainly outstripping whatever meager raise the prevailing economic conditions may have allowed you (unless you're a hedge fund manager, of course).

Employers looking for ways to reward their employees could do a lot worse than allowing them to telecommute several days a week as part of an energy saving plan.

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