Thursday, April 10, 2008

How To Convince the Boss

No, Bruce doesn't really care whether you telecommute or not, but your manager and his or her managers may. From LifeHacker, via Web Worker Daily ... I'm not sure who to link to, really, it's getting a little incestuous, and you could find both by looking at my blogroll over to the left there ... my point being ...

Uh, I got a little lost there. Anyway, I think the comments of these posts will be chock-a-block with advice on how to convince the boss to let you put on slippers and work from wherever.

My secret: I just keep working for the same person who knows that I'm utterly, madly driven and eager to make it work well for all concerned. Maybe you could find a person like that, too, and just follow him or her from job to job?

Stella's not being very helpful, is she?

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