Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm Opting for a Cape

Fashion-wise, working from home is in large or immense, we mean it in the pejorative sense. From Jezebel, one of my most treasured Simpsons memories: Homer's stint as a home worker.*

But I digress. Today, on my last day of Real Office work, I wrapped up everything, turned in my keys and badge (apparently I no longer need no stinkin' badge) and then came home and sorted through the grown-up clothes in my closet, relegating most to the storage room in the garage. All that's left is muu-muus and capes.


*Note about Stella: I can't actually have a conversation without making (or having the desire to make) a Simpsons reference. I wish I was kidding. Anyone who has spent more than five to ten minutes with me knows I'm not.

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