Tuesday, April 15, 2008

But Why...

...do they have to drive across town in the first place? This article from today's NY Times is actually really great -- employers doing simple things to help employees adjust to change. People's cars break down, and their enlightened employers don't fire them for being late to work, they help them get a new car (not brand new, used, but running).

This is actually great -- kind of like an employee assistance program for more than a total descent into alcoholism. Too often people in low-level positions get fired just when they need their jobs most because they are having trouble that prevents them from getting to their jobs, whether it be car trouble, daycare trouble, or what have you. It's a good thing to do from a human being perspective, and if you've hired carefully and invested in your employees in other ways, they are unlikely to take undue advantage of perquisites like this and will instead reward you with loyalty and years more hard work. That's good for your business, kids!

But Stella has to wonder why people have to drive to their stinkin' offices in the first place. If you've got a good telecommuting program in place, employees with temporary car troubles can just hop on the net from home for a day or two until the wrinkles are out of their transportation scheme. Or if your offices have to move to someplace far away, why spend tens of thousands of dollars moving people, cajoling their spouses and helping them find jobs and so on? Just restructure your work a little and get 'em online.

Be a little creative here, folks!

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