Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Office Space Has an Effect on Creativity

No, not watching the movie over and over again. Dan Benjamin over at Hivelogic has a nice post about how the physical surroundings of work can make you more or less creative. He notes that having the freedom to choose how much hustle and bustle surrounds you, to elect to have non-fluorescent lighting, and so on can really help people get into The Zone (again, not the low-carb diet plan, but that blissful state where you're really doing great work).

Mr. Benjamin may or may not be advocating for working from a home office (I actually don't see why Real Offices couldn't give people more ability to control their surroundings) but the folks who have commented on this article sure are. There is a lot of good information in the comments about the pitfalls and benefits of working from a home office, and mention of lots of strategies and tools to combat loneliness and creative isolation.

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