Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Work at Home Job: Radiologist

In today's New York Times, Dr. Lawrence K. Altman writes about his father's radiology practice, which he practiced in his home for many years. Yikes, I'm not sure that I'd want to live upstairs from a lead-lined safe with radium in it, but the office itself was lined with lead as well, so I'm sure it was fine. La-la-la....not worrying about the Altman family's cellular activity....la-la-la....

Dr. Altman notes, "...many doctors, even in a technically oriented field like radiology, practiced in a home office until shortly after World War II."

I think this is interesting, especially because, as I have noted in the past, some radiologists are working from home in this day and age. The highly skilled technicians who actually capture the images do seem to need to be on site to work with actual patients' actual bodies, but the analysis of images can be completed from wherever you may be, thanks to the rise of digital imaging.

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