Monday, June 11, 2007

Shoes Hurt, Shoes Mar... wound and scar! Well, I had hoped to report that a program of wearing shoes in the week leading up to my recent jaunt to the Real Office would lead to significant gains in my comfort level in said shoes.

Alas, it turns out that I had mis-diagnosed the problem.

It's not wearing shoes, apparently, it's bustling around in them. I discovered that I walk very little in my shut-in office life, and I walk quite a lot in the Real Office life. And it seems to be the schlepping, stomping, striding, and so on that leads to pain.

This is a bitter disappointment to me. I do get out, mind you. I run, I walk to the park with the kids, and I do wander around the house. But further analysis finds that I do this in shoes that are far too comfortable to be worn in my Real Office. So. It seems the only option is suffering, and perhaps through suffering I will grow as a person.

Or buy bigger, different, or somehow magical shoes.

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