Monday, June 25, 2007

It's Getting Hot in Herre

However, I will not be taking off all my clothes. Trust me, nobody wants to see that. We've had a few days of really scorching weather here in the Big Burque, and it's been punishing in my office. I've got the little swamp cooler, but as anyone who lives in this climate knows, it lowers the air temperature only about fifteen degrees. This is awesome when it's 90 out, and inadequate when it gets close to 100.

Really inadequate.

I'm just going to give up working when it reaches 85 degrees in my office. It's not that I mind, because I don't. I love the warmth and everyone in my household is making fun of me because I'm wearing a sweater even though it's 83 degrees in here right now. I'm concerned for my computer, and I really really don't want to fry its little motherboard. So I'll be knocking off in about an hour or so.

Maybe when it cools down tonight, I'll come back out and resume migrating forms off my old transactional server.

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