Sunday, June 3, 2007

Multiplying Virtual Workers

The headline is funny, implying that telecommuters are multiplying (perhaps more time at home with their spouses?) but the information is quite good. A new study of 120 corporate managers has them reporting that nearly 30% of their workers are "virtual". Whether this means virtual like me, in another part of the United States, but being paid as a real salaried employee, or virtual like the guy I'm contracting with in Singapore who's getting paid some amount and works during the wee hours for a pittance before he goes to his silcon chip research job is not clear.

But I like this:

[The research firm] notes that there was a 'correlation between an organization's IT culture and their propensity toward becoming a virtual workplace.'
In other words, if you have a robust IT infrastructure, it's probably already set up to handle remote connections, and thus going virtual is not that big a deal. This is a position I whole-heartedly endorse.

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