Saturday, May 12, 2007

Technology Uber Alles

This is a really great summary article about the whole telecommuting thing from -- I think its points about providing appropriate technology are particularly key. If you just say, "Work from home, we trust you!" without making sure that people can get access to systems, files, networks, and so on transparently from wherever they may be, it's not going to work.

Likewise, if Real Office managers and shut-in managees don't have the same level of skill-comfort-and-enthusiasm for varied communications tools (IM, Email, voice-over-whatever, videoconferencing), the relationship is going to be difficult.

Technology is really at the center of all successful telecommuting. To me, it's more important than the personality of the telecommuter or manager, the home office set up, the nature of the work, or any of that other soft mumbo-jumbo (although that stuff is important, too).

If your technology is working well, you'll be working too.

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