Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Of Course It Saves Gas

Everyone is wailing and moaning about gas prices heading toward $4 a gallon or more. And some organizations, like this one, are actually lighting a candle against the darkness (though one hopes not at the gas station, because that wouldn't be safe). They're advocating that their employees work abbreviated schedules (four ten-hour days, for example) and/or telecommute to reduce their commutes and thus reduce costs.

It is true that telecommuting dramatically reduces the cost of being employed. And the impact that your company's employees have on the environment. So why don't more companies add telecommuting to their quiver of "We're so environmentally conscious" efforts?

Come on, it's not that hard, and will cost you very little -- as compared with, say, figuring out how to go zero-emissions or replacing your fleet with hybrids, or what have you.

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