Sunday, May 20, 2007

Seeking Telecommuters with Disabilities or Addictions

My blogging worlds are colliding today -- I am hopeful that Stellacommute readers have experiences that they are willing to share for a couple of pieces that I'm working on for my other gig, Web Worker Daily. I'm interested in learning more about two things:

1. People who are using telecommuting as part of a plan to accommodate a disability. For example, if you have limited mobility and you're cutting down on the time you spend on public transportation by telecommuting, that's the kind of thing I'm interested in. How did you and your employer work through the legal and technical issues of accommodating your needs and how has telecommuting helped?

2. People who are fighting an addiction or mental illness that is either helped or made more difficult by the fact that you work from home. For many people with addictions or mental illness, the routine of having a job to get up and get out to can be an important part of keeping it together. Does working from home make it harder or no different with regard to dealing with your illness? Are particular kinds of addiction (e.g. sex or pornography addiction) more difficult to deal with when your work environment leaves you isolated?

Thanks for any insight you can provide, dear readers. Leave a comment with contact information if you wish, or just leave a comment -- I won't be publishing these comments, unless you tell me it's okay to do so.

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