Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Accessible Doesn't Mean On-Site

Yes, I know. Ol' Stella has been in communicado lately. (Where's that, you say. Ha-ha, I say.)

It's really been quite a trial because I have been traveling a bit on business and thus I haven't been as accessible as I normally am when I'm 2,000 goldurn miles away from my colleagues and customers. It's ironic (and not in the Alanis Morrisette sense, but in the genuinely ironic sense) that when I travel to the Real Office I am actually significantly less in touch than when I'm here in the Land of Enchantment kicking ass in my little home office.

I found some solace in this article from down under which notes that “Work is less about location and increasingly about accessibility.”

If you invest appropriately in remote accessibility technology -- local numbers for all staff with unlimited long distance plance, ILO for server folk, VPNs, Palm-Berries, and the like -- suddenly your staff will be able to do the things they need to do from wherever they are, whenever they have a few moments to spend some quality time with their portable electronic devices.

That's anything with an on-off switch.

Note to self: I need to spend less time on planes. Or more time convincing the powers that be that I need a laptop and Palm-Berry.

And a wireless card.

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