Monday, January 29, 2007

Office Progress

The fan is up and the electrical outlets are moved! All the junk is out and the heating unit is ordered! We decided to go with an oil-filled space heater for the short term, because time is of the essence and there are only a few more cold months left here in the Land of Enchantment. The heater, a Delonghi TRD0715T, has a thermostat and a twenty-four hour clock so that I should be able to have it automatically fire up about a half-hour before I show up for work so it's not completely icy in my new office.

I've also been scanning home office design books online, and I think that I already have a pretty good set up. So much of that design stuff seems to focus on jobs that require special tables or storage requirements. Well, dig it, I'm not an architect or a fashion designer, so really all I need is a flat surface to put the computer on and some file cabinets to hide paper in. And these are things I have.

I've also assuaged my guilt at re-doing yet another office for myself (when we moved in here I repainted what had been a little girl's room in a more neutral tone and got rid of the lacy curtains) by painting the girls' bathroom at long last. And as an added bonus I can use the one wall color as a wall color in the office, thus not wasting it. The color is called, no kidding, Tangerine Dream. It's kind of a peachy white, and not at all umlauty like you'd think a color named after a German prog-rock outfit would be.

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