Thursday, January 25, 2007

Are you breaking my server?

One of the problems that remote workers face is knowing where their colleagues are. I find that sometimes my coworkers might could be avoiding me by hiding in the server room. And sometimes when I suspect we're having technical difficulties I can't find anyone on IM, phone, email, or webcam at their desks. When I was working in the Real Office I could tell when something was amiss because all the server folk would walk by my office looking vaguely exercised, but now I miss out on this experience.

Not to worry, technology is available to help: the network camera in the server room. I can see instantly who's in the server room, and because I know the layout, I can guess which server they're breaking ... I mean FIXING ... at any given time. I don't look that often, so people who are worried about their nose-picking habits should pick with reckless impunity. But it is quite helpful to have a password-protected peek into the server room whenever I need to figure out what might be going on and whether or not the people who can fix servers are aware of a potential problem.

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