Friday, January 19, 2007

Jetlag as a Lifestyle

What time is it where you are? In my house, it's kind of like living in Indiana where different parts of the state observe daylight saving time in different ways. I know there are only two hours difference in time between Mountain and East Coast, but making the calculation quickly when determining whether I can accept an appointment with Mountain folk or Eastern folk is kind of a pain.

So I got this groovy little two-time zone clock from Red Envelope -- I am sure it's intended for jet setters who are travelling the globe, not shut-ins who shuffle from their beds to their office chairs in the pre-dawn hours, but it works for the shut-in fairly competently, too.

As evidence that I really need it, I offer this sordid incident: I became disoriented when the local time battery gave up the ghost. I started calculating that the East was two hours ahead of the East clock face, rather than figuring out what was going on. Then the East clock stopped too, and I thought it was ten o'clock for a long time.

I'm much more oriented in space and time now that I've got both batteries replaced. I can tell that it's lunch time in the Real Office and that's why nobody is answering the phone. Or that it's three o'clock here and that's why the children are coming home from school.

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