Monday, January 29, 2007

Don't Try This at Home...The Office...Or Anywhere Else...Please!

Naked computing may be the latest trend in some places, but this is something that I just can't endorse. First of all, I use a webcam for hours every day and I never know when someone is going to pop in on me, visually. Second, I find that getting up, showering, putting on a happy face (e.g. some makeup so as to ward off comments like, "Are you feeling all right?" and, "Are you sure you're breathing?!?!"), and donning clothes that would pass muster on Extremely-Casual-Friday to be essential parts of making a successful transition to the office. It really helps a lot, because I don't have a long drive during which to do these things any more.*

The reasons not to do this kind of thing are legion: Really, shouldn't people be concerned about overheating fans on laptops getting all hot on their bidness? What about getting suntan oil on your flatpanel? Your laptop could get knocked off your lap by an errant volleyball and then what?

Naked telecommuting is a bad idea, most importantly, because eventually someone in the Real Office will find out and then everyone will be picturing you naked and goofing off for the rest of your remote work tenure. Which is bad.

* I would never put makup on during a drive. I don't even talk on the cell phone. I forbid people who drive my children in their cars from talking on phones whilst driving. I'm not kidding about that.

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