Monday, October 13, 2008

This Isn't Some Kind of Gang Sign, I Hope

Well, the good news is that your gentle correspondent did not need surgery on her injured little finger. The bad news is that it had to be configured as depicted at right. My pinky and ring finger are extended at roughly a right angle to my palm. It's like I'm wearing a very stiff Michael Jackson glove. One that I can't remove for six weeks.

I'm pecking at the keyboard in a way not unlike a chimpanzee operating the controls in his space capsule. I predict that I'm probably only 7 to 10 days away from wrecking my left shoulder by typing like this.

So much to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

OMG- please tell me it isn't shattered! I can't stop cringing. Six weeks- oy!

Stella Commute said...

Not shattered just an angulated fracture of the middle phalange. But it is a pain, no doubt!