Friday, October 3, 2008

Telecommuting Definitely Saves Gas

I know that there are some doubters out there who say that even though telecommuters aren't driving to work that they're still using gas. You know how we're all driving to lunch with colleagues and running errands and stuff, and so it's probably a wash.

Well, I beg to differ. I must tell you (and please don't hate Stella, dear readers) that I am only filling my gas tank once a month. I noticed this trend in July -- I filled up on July 2, then August 5, then again after Labor Day, and I just did my October fillup. That's not much gas.

Now I'm not taking crazy measures -- I pick up my little kid at daycare three days a week when it's my turn to do so, I drive to the grocery store more than I should (largely because I'm too lazy to schlep a gallon of milk home by hand), I zip up to the gym, and so on. But really, it's so much less gas than I used even on my modest commute to the Real Office during my brief respite from full-time shut-in-ism. I'm a little shocked myself, honestly.

I really think that folding support for broad based programs to support telecommuting (improving internet infrastructure without metering and with neutrality, consistent tax policy so people aren't double-taxed by states, tax rebates for employers who promote telecommuting, oh, I suppose there are other things too, but I am policied out after watching the VP debates) has got to be a part of an energy strategy. A small part to be sure, but be terrific, be specific.

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Anonymous said...

Same here. I only fill up every 3-4 weeks now instead of 3 times in a 2-week period like I did when I was commuting over 60 miles every day into our office. I get fabulous gas mileage walking down the hall to my home office.