Monday, October 6, 2008

Driveable Telepresence, Again

Okay, this is a movable telepresence device I could get behind. Or inside. Or however I would be, prepositionally speaking, relative to this nifty little item. I have to think the badass design would reduce the risk of involuntary hat-wearing at the remote location, and I love the idea of driving it into people's offices and frightening them at their desks.

The problem with a lot of telepresence stuff is that you can't drive it from home. So if I need to meet with someone who is less technically adept that I (or less willing to horse around with Skype killing off their webcam every three minutes or whatever) it's a problem. I need to be able to get myself into a conference room without the other party having to do anything except show up. Just like if I was there, no one would be responsible for wheeling my disembodied head into the conference room.

Well, under ideal circumstances that would be true.

(Image from io9)

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