Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Telecommuting Is Awesome, Study Finds

From CIO, this quick piece covering a survey conducted by CompTIA about the perceived and actual benefits of telecommuting. Of note: 60% of respondents said that telecommuting programs saved them money, although the amounts varied widely. This stands to reason: if you send all your employees home and eliminate your rent and facilities costs, you'll save a lot of money. If you let people work from home one or two days a week and maintain an office or cube for each of those folks to use when they are in the Real Office, you'll save a bit less.

I would have liked them to ask people whether giving people telecommuting is a good way to offset paltry raises (or worse yet, cuts!) in an era of economic instability. Because I think this is going to be a growing benefit of telecommuting. If you can't help your employees keep pace with the rate that gas and other commuting expenses are increasing by increasing their pay, you can help reduce their costs by having them not drive their cars to and from the office.

It really doesn't cost you a thing. And that could save your employees a lot.

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