Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We Had a Fun Guest

We have had a fun house guest, Eric. He's riding his Vespa the length of Route 66 (including the part here in Albuquerque) and we hooked up with him through my scooter-mad brother in law. Apparently there are scooter-related blogs and stuff out there, and you can meet other people who are willing to ride scooters on the highway through these sites.

We had a great time hanging out, we took him to our Monday night pub quiz (it turns out that even a dedicated non-drinker, non-bar-goer can have a good time at pub quiz, and we only came in third by three points), and I discovered that the wireless part of my network didn't want to talk to his adorable Linux-based laptop. Alas.

But by far the best part was when I found a young black widow spider hanging out in our dogloo this morning during my "lunch". I tried to get her out using a stick to show our out of town scooter gangster, but she disappeared, as they are wont to do. So I flipped the dog house over and discovered a veritable smorgasbord of sowbugs and cockroaches, and at least three of the healthiest and most GIGANTIC black widows I've seen in a long time. They were impressive, but they had to die. There are just too many small children and pets, and these ladies would have packed a punch.

It turns out that Eric, peaceful vegan that he is, was all, "Squish 'em. You've got to kill them." He may have stomped nervously in his vegan biker boots.

I apologized to the spiders, sprayed them with poison to weaken them and then stepped on them to put them out of their misery. I feel bad, but what can you do?

Beautiful photo by Peasap.

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