Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm Raising Money Again

What? Stella, didn't you just leave that front-line fundraising gig to go back to the bits and bytes of worrying about raising money on the web? Well, yes, but I'm now raising money in my spare time, and I'm hoping you'll consider joining me. In August, a group of friends and relatives are participating in the Climb to Conquer Cancer -- I'll be staggering up the Sandia Mountain in August. And while the altitude does make it a bit cooler up there, it's still August and all. It should be a fun challenge.

I know what you're thinking: I wish that I could stagger up the side of a mountain in August!

Alas, not every Stella reader lives in New Mexico, but you can get involved by going here and making a tiny little online gift. You'll be doing more than helping me raise money for the American Cancer Society, an organization that provides funding for research, patient education and support, and lots of other direct services for people with cancer throughout the country (including here in New Mexico and wherever you are, too). You'll also be helping me evaluate the Convio fundraising management system, which is what ACS uses to manage these friend-to-friend fundraising events.

More important, every last one of you...every single person reading this...has been touched by cancer. Maybe you have a friend, maybe you're related to someone, maybe you yourself have had cancer. In my case most of those are true, plus I'm also feeling mighty grateful that some people I know who thought they had cancer didn't. So that's why I'm doing the Climb to Conquer Cancer.

You have your reasons. But you don't have to climb a mountain. Just a few clicks and you're in.

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