Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hang Your Slippers By The Chimney With Care's National Work from Home Day Eve!

Yes, kids, it's the day we've all been waiting for, National Work from Home Day in the U.K. Okay, so technically it's kind of a promotion for a nice non-profit called Work Wise UK, but even so I heartily support celebrating the telecommuter in your life.

How to observe this very special day? First of all, don't go to the Real Office. That part should be easy. I'm letting you know about it a day ahead of time so you can prepare a slice of work that you can effectively do from wherever you may be. Then all you have to do is bring it home on Wednesday night (WFHD Eve). When you get up on Thursday morning, a wonderful surprise will await you: no commute and a peaceful day spent focusing on some stuff that really matters.

If you already have a telecommuter in your home, perhaps you should take him or her out for lunch in a Bennigan's or TGIFridays near a local office complex wherein s/he will point and laugh at the cubicle drones in their ties and security badges.

Or maybe the telecommuter you know is a less misanthropic person than I am.

For your sake, I hope this is true.

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